Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Trees and Fire Safety

With the Holidays upon us it is important to keep safety first. Fires caused by Christmas trees are a major area of concern. Here are a few fire prevention tips to be used with your tree.

Always select a tree that whose needles are green.

Make sure that needles are not falling off the tree.

Cut about an inch or two from the trunk before setting it in the tree stand.

Water your tree daily.

Check your lights to make sure that they are not frayed or have exposed wire.

Never light a tree with candles.

Shut your tree off when you go to bed or leave home.

Never place a Christmas tree where it blocks an exit.

Never place a Christmas tree near an operational fire place or space heater.

Never overload the electrical outlet to light the tree, use a surge protection strip.

Make sure that tree is stable and will not fall onto a table where there is a lit candle, stove, or heater.

Check your smoke detectors, and make sure you have a fire extinguisher.

For security reasons never leave presents in plain site under the tree with the window open for crooks to see.

Install a home security system.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Amazing Story -Thief Sends Money and Apology

I just came across a story that shows that good can come out of a bad situation. a convenience store owner in Shirley, NY received a note and $50 from that man that robbed him. The store owner, Mohammad Sohail was robbed by a tearful individual that stated that he needed the money for food for his family. Sohail showed compassion and gave the man $40 and a loaf of bread and made him promise not to rob anyone again. When Sohail went to get milk, the robber fled. In the unsigned note the robber thanked him and stated that he was now employed, had a new child and was staying out of trouble.

It just goes to show that doing what is right even when you may suffer the wrong can make a difference. Not every situation works out like this one, but it goes to show that what the bible says about a man stealing to feed himself is true. Although the bible says that the individual should pay more, there is no evidence that the robber knew about this biblical passage when he made retribution for his wrong. Let us all strive to make ammends for our wrongs and make the world a better place.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Security Proverb Poem

I often think about about security in terms of the criminal and victim relationship. It is ironic that in a civilized society that the laws of nature and the wild seem to come into play. I was recently reading an African proverb that inspired this poem.

Perhaps you may find it hard to understand.
That it is the silent and calm water that drowns a man.

What seems familiar you do not fear,
Allowing the burglar to draw ever so near.

Like a magician your stuff disappears
making the need for security ever so clear.

(C) All rights reserved

All to often people don't realize that the individuals that will break into their homes look like they belong. They blend into their surroundings and don't draw suspicion to themselves. They may use the guise of a jogger, contractor, landscaper or meter reader. They may wave to you as you leave. You may even have a conversation with them, and never suspect them. This is why it is so important to have a security consciousness and install a security system. Another important thing to realize, burglars don't wear all black and a stocking cap.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Safety Tips for Retailers

These are some valuable tips distributed by the Chapel Hill, NC police department. Follow these tips and you will have a much safer holiday season.

Ø Greet all customers as they enter your location. Good customer service goes a long way in robbery prevention. Make eye contact and make transactions personal.

Ø Always know who is in your store or business at all times.

Ø Keep your business clean and uncluttered. Interior and exterior should be well lit. And remember not to block the view throughout the store with displays, do not place posters on your windows etc,

Ø Enforce store policy at all times. Clearly post rules to eliminate any confusion.

Ø Increase visibility. Lighting and Trim landscaping.

Ø Vary times and routs of travel when doing bank deposits.

Ø Don’t use marked money bags when doing your deposit.

Ø Keep money in a safe at all times and not laying around unattended.

Ø Learn the names of the officers who work your area of town.

Ø Remember if an employee steals from your business, it’s a felony.

Ø If something does not seem right, call 911. If you know what’s wrong please give the 911 operator as much detail as possible. Get a good description, color of clothing, hair, shoes, pants, accents and tattoos if possible.

Ø If you are robbed. Do what you are told. Don’t make sudden unexpected moves. You may be hurt. Make eye contact and remember to get a good description of the suspects and direction of travel. If they ask for money, give it to them. Money can be replaced your life cannot.

Ø After a robbery. Lock your door and call 911. Make sure everyone is safe and not injured. Separate employees from each other and have them write in their own words what happened during the event. Stay on the phone with 911 until the police arrive and the scene is secure. Don’t touch anything.

Ø Customers may try to pass counterfeit money during your busy time. Just be aware of this activity. You may see hundreds, fifties and twenties.

Ø Have a safe and fun filled holiday season!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Someone’s always home. I don’t need a security system. How wrong you are!

The presence of someone at home is not a logical reason for not having a monitored home security system. Although a person holding this view may be aware of the fact that burglars try to avoid homes that are occupied; home security systems are much more than burglar deterrent devices. With state of the art fire devices and medical emergency features home security systems are an essential part of a home safety plan.
Most homes only have the bare requirements when it comes to fire safety. Ionization smoke detectors are the norm. These detectors have been shown through numerous tests to be slow to react to smoldering fires that emit a large volume of smoke. A much more effective smoke detecting device is the photo-electric smoke sensor, which detects this type of fire. When this type of sensor is integrated with a monitored home security system with two-way voice communicating capabilities it will notify the monitoring facility and dispatch the fire department. The two-way communication will allow the monitoring facility to hear what is happening in real time inside the home, so the fire department will know if someone is trapped in the home.
The fact that most homeowners fail to check their smoke sensors and don’t have a home escape plan an investment of a few dollars is money well spent to protect the ones you love. Another critical reason to have a monitored home security system even if someone is always home is protection when a medical emergency arises.
This is where I must get real with you, a medical emergency can occur anywhere at any time and the phone may not be with you. How many people take the phone to the bathroom, or with them as they mow the lawn or shovel snow? The answer is very few. Should a medical arise and the phone is down the hall or inside the home and you are outside, without a monitored medical pendant you could lose your life. Life is too precious to be penny wise and pond foolish. Most people take some type of medication making the need for a security system totally essential. Saying that you can’t afford it is just an excuse.
Another critical reason to have a security system, even if someone is always home, is the ability to alert the police in the event of a home invasion. A small key chain remote with a panic alert can be used to alert the police should a home invader burst into your home and stick a gun in the face of someone you love. Even if you did not have a keychain remote the security system could be set for instant alert and if the door is kicked in the alarm will automatically be triggered.
One thing to be aware of is whether or not your security system has been programmed with a dialer delay. A dialer delay creates a time delay between the time the audible alarm is triggered and the signals from the panel reaching the alarm monitoring station. Many major companies, like ADT Security Services, use dialer delays. This makes this type of system less effective in a home invasion situation. Several Companies that do not use dialer delays are Broadview Security, Power Home Technologies and Vector Security. If you are a North Carolina resident and would like additional information on security costs contact me through http://whensafetymatters.com or at 919-949-9690.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Protecting Your Credit Card during the Holiday Shopping Season

Thieves are patrolling shopping malls like big cats in search of prey. One of the biggest crimes committed during the holiday season is identity theft and credit fraud. Here are a few noteworthy tips that will keep your cards safe.
• Always keep your credit or gift card close, do not let it out of your sight.
• Never write your pin number on the back of your card.
• Shield your card from roving eyes that may attempt to capture your card number by using a camera phone or by memorization.
• Only carry cards that you need.
• If you are shopping online make sure that the site is a secure site. Look for the gold lock at the bottom of your web browser to make certain that the site has a Secure Socket Layer.
• If you are uncertain about the security of the site, call the vendor and give the card number over the phone.
• Never send your credit card number by email.
• Keep good records.
• Do not purchase gift cards from online auction sites. These sites are known for fraud.
• Only buy gift cards from the store issuing the card or from a secure retailer’s site.
• Always examine your gift card. If you see a Pin number on the back ask for another card, because someone may have copied the number and pin and used the card.
• Always keep your receipts.
• Register your gift card on the store’s website.
• Never give your Social Security Number or birth date when purchasing a gift card.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Safe Shopping Tips

You'd better watch out; you'd better not cry, use some shopping sense. I'm telling you why - cause criminals are coming to town.

The holiday shopping season is now upon us, and this is a time of increased criminal activity. Durham Sheriff, Worth Hill offers some valuable tips to help keep you safe during this time of year.

• Shop with a group. There is strength in numbers. A lone shopper is the best target for theft.
• You learned this when you were young. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Let them know what you are wearing and what you are driving.
• Shop during daylight hours. If you shop at night park in well lit areas and look for security cameras.
• Dress in casual clothing. Do not wear high heels or flashy or expensive jewelry. Try not to be overloaded with packages.
• When carrying cash keep it in your front pocket and not in your purse. Keep our car keys in your front pocket to prevent a pick pocket from stealing them.
• Always observe your surroundings. If you see something suspicious report it.
• Have your keys in your hand when you approach your car, and check the back seat before getting in.
• Don’t leave packages in your car where they will attract a criminal’s attention.
• Carry a purse with a strap that can go over your head and rest on your shoulder to prevent a purse snatcher. Another tactic is to place your purse around your neck and carry it in front of you.
• Be cautious of anyone approaching you that you do not know. The key to safety is awareness and not letting your guard down. Always observe your surroundings.
• Don’t be talking on a cell phone while you are approaching the mall or heading back to your car. Wait till you are inside the store or safely in your car.
• Don’t be afraid to ask for a security escort to your car.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Green Energy Solar Surveillance Security Camera

Yes it is possible to have video security surveillance that is green energy compliant. GE has created a wireless solar security camera that is powered from solar energy cells. The cameras are color with built-in motion detection capability. This 2.4 GHZ camera system is water and weather proof with 150’ range from the receiving unit. The system has the ability to be viewed on any television that has A/V connections. The camera can record both video and sound. Another important advantage to these cameras is the fact that the receiving unit is capable of supporting up to 4 cameras. The receiving unit can be interfaced with a DVR to record camera activity. The system is not IP addressable but does have considerable advantages including an affordable price of under $350 per camera unit.

Green Energy cameras such as this allow cameras to be placed in areas where it might be impossible to run cable. These cameras will save on energy consumption costs, and if used around a home or small retail establishment and prevents a single theft or deters a single robbery the system will more than pay for itself. For additional product information and installation costs of this product call 919-949-9690.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Advantages of Motion Lighting over Continuous Lighting

It is a well known fact that burglars hate lights and loud noise, but which lighting source should you use to protect your property? The answer to this question depends on the application. It is commonly thought by many that continuous lighting around the home is the most viable means of deterring would be criminals, but the saying that less is more truly applies in this case. Most residential break-ins occur during the daytime making continuous lighting a poor choice for burglary deterrence.

When a continuous lighting source is used it creates the exact opposite effect on burglars making it easier to gain access, because they realize that neighbors will most likely shield windows with heavier drapes and window treatments to block the glare of the intrusive lights. Another disadvantage is the fact that continuous lighting raises electric consumption. In a time when people are looking to go green as well as save energy to reduce expenditures and save money motion detection lighting is a better option and is a greater deterrence to burglars because of the element of surprise and the fact that it triggers a desired response from neighbors.
Motion detection lights come in several forms including features with dawn to dusk settings that allow lights to deactivate at dawn and come on at dusk. The lights can be set to stay on for pre-set time limits, and the sensitivity level of the motion lens can be set to bypass small animals so as not to disturb neighbors. When the light is triggered neighbors will be stirred to look out the window and take note of what is happening. This happens because they have not been conditioned to ignore a harsh continuous light source. They will most likely be awakened because they are not conditioned to having a light shine in their window and will look outside to see what triggered it. There are motion lights that are solar powered that can be installed where there is no light fixture. This type of lighting also reduces the costly electrical expense of running wire and installing a hard-wired light. There are also no electricity costs for operating the lights because they are powered by sunlight during daylight hours. Continuous lighting does have its place in providing measures of safety and criminal activity deterrence.

Continuous lighting on street poles to illuminate the street is an effective use of this sort of lighting. This allows drivers to see the road more clearly and be alerted to any nocturnal animals that may scurry in front of their vehicle. When it comes to criminal deterrence continuous lighting on the street allows neighbors to get a clear visual of someone that may be attempting to break into a car parked on the street. Continuous lighting on the street level also works well to illuminate potential hiding spots that a mugger or robber might use against someone on an early morning walk or run. When looking to illuminate areas around the home another viable solution would be to place lights on a timer. These lights can be set to come on at a pre-set time before you come home and then be set to turn off at a pre-set time as well. This type of lighting can also be scheduled through certain alarm systems that use X-10 lamp modules. The lights can be programmed through the panel or instantly activated by pressing a button on a keychain remote.

Anytime a continuous light source is used around the home it is best to use a soft or lower watt bulb because extremely harsh lights create deeper shadows in adjacent areas creating opportunities for criminals to hide or gain unlawful access. One of the best things a person can do to truly alert neighbors of an actual emergency, using an identifiable light source, is to integrate a strobe light to their security system. If a criminal breaches an area of the home that is protected with a security device the audible alarm and the strobe light will be triggered. The monitoring facility will be alerted and the police dispatched. The strobe light will allow neighbors and responding law enforcement to quickly identify which house is in need of assistance. This is especially important when house numbers are often obscured. For a free quote on setting up a security system such as this call 919-949-9690 or go to http://whensafetymatters.com.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wake up to Reality

Life safety is something he smugly refused.
Burglary and Fire Protection he'd never use.
Until an electrical fire caused his home to ignite
and now with anguish he laments his plight.
9 months later in a Residence Inn he still stays,
a painful reminder of what happened that day.

A poem written by Jim McNeely
(c) Not for reproduction or reprint without author's consent
October Is Fire Prevention Month

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breaking-in and Bleeding Out: a Sad Tale of a Life Cut Short

The statement that a single bad decision can lead to a tragic end was proved to be true on yesterday when a 16 year old boy’s life was cut short from injuries he sustained from attempting to escape detection from a home that he and three other boys had broken into. Oscar Lorenzo Perez of 1528 Greenwood Drive, Sanford, NC died from injuries sustained from severe glass cuts to the chest as he crawled out a window of a home located at1810 San Lee Drive, that he and three others had broken into. He and the other boys were startled when they tripped the active security alarm. The home was unoccupied at the time, according to sheriff’s deputies.
According to Perez’s father,Oscar Lorenzo Mojica , his son worked at McDonald’s and had dreams of becoming a manager and owning a business one day. He was a former student of Southern Lee High School, it is unclear whether he had dropped out of school or attending school elsewhere. The sad reality is that any potential good that this boy could have done will never become a reality. As kids give into peer into peer pressure and negative influences they see on television and listen to in music, these sad occurrences will become more and more prevalent.
No parent should have to bury their child, and my deepest sympathy goes out to the family. It is my hope that story will not fade into distant memory, but will be remembered in such a way that good can come out of something so bad. I urge parents and teachers to talk with kids to let them know that negative actions have consequences that go beyond what the penal system could ever do. Let them know that it is important to feed their minds on things that are good, uplifting and morally correct. We must get back to training youth to respect those in authority and other people’s property. A strong work ethic will allow kids to get the things they want in life. This may seem old fashioned, but old fashioned values worked and worked well. When it comes to morality there can be no compromise. It will take community support to turn things around, but it can be done. Let us not judge, but work to change the life of one.
There will never be 100% compliance, so those in the community should protect their families and homes with security systems or other means. Teenagers and older individuals that chose the path of walking on the wrong side of the law should be warned that these actions are not only unwanted in our communities, but they will not be tolerated. Think about the future you want to have, and think before you act. Don’t worry about how doing the right thing today will look to your friends, because making the wrong choice may mean that you will not be here tomorrow.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your garage could be the staging ground for burglars

Throughout the nation, burglars and thieves are employing the technique of using attached garages as the staging ground to commit their crimes. After casing the neighborhood, selecting a target, learning the intended victim’s routine, vehicle they drive and assessing security weaknesses of the home, burglars attack the weakest point of the home to gain entry. Once inside the home they open the garage door and drive their vehicle inside, close the garage door and clean the victim out. Some of the main areas thieves target are new home subdivisions, because there are so many contractors in these neighborhoods that no one suspects a truck, moving vehicle or car. A new home subdivision is one area where cars cruising through the neighborhood slowly will not raise suspicion, because this is a common action of potential buyers. The burglars may even pose as a potential buyer and speak with their intended mark, asking probing questions and surveying the contents of the home in an attempt to assess items worth stealing.

From the front door of many homes, the back door can be seen from the front, which gives an unscrupulous criminal the complete layout of the home at a glance. Often, the rear door is the most vulnerable, because it is the most secluded. The burglar will kick that door in and because the damage can’t be seen from street level, it will go undetected until the victim returns home. With the burglar’s stash and get away vehicle inside the garage, he or she can operate in complete obscurity. Another reason burglars like garages, is because they can steal tools and lawn and garden equipment. Many homeowners never lock the door that leads from the garage into the house, making access to the home incredibly easy. You may be wondering how a criminal can access a garage from the outside if the garage has an automatic garage door opener.

Burglars have been known to target cars in parking lots. They break into the car and search the glove box. They steal the garage door opener and copy the street address off of the registration. They will wait several weeks and break into the home. Another way of gaining unlawful entry is by breaking out a glass window in the garage door and pulling the red cord attached to the garage door opener. This disables the garage door opener and allows the door to be lifted up. To prevent this, remove the pull cord and never leave your garage door opener in the car. Carry the opener with you and keep your car registration in your wallet. If the vehicle is used by other people, make a copy o the registration for the other drivers to keep in their wallets.

Take special precaution if the garage contains the main fuse box to the home, or an attic access. Whether a garage has these things or not it is still necessary to protect it with a security system. For additional information on security systems go to http://whensafetmatters.com or call (919) 949-9690.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Burglars Don’t Care What Excuse You Use as Long as You Politely Refuse

Burglars and thieves are blight on society and the impact they have on people’s lives is much like a cancer that multiplies without restraint. They remain unseen until the painful evidence shows itself. It is often the nature of people to put off security measures until after they have settled into the new home, or until they do this or that. The fact is they don’t see the immediate need to proceed now, because they do not think that they will be the next victim. They might be right or they might be wrong. I’m not a prophet, but there has been a recent rash of criminal activity that targets new homeowners and relies on homeowner’s tendency to procrastinate. I unfortunately had two clients that purchased security systems but had to put off installation for one reason or another and the day before their installation, they became the victims of what they wanted to prevent. I have heard other stories about how individuals who were broken into made the immediate decision to have a security system installed. Readers of my columns and posts know that I am passionate about my work. A certain unrecognized fact about people with passion for what they do, is that they deeply feel the pain of disappointment, especially when they should have done more.
It’s a fine line between trying to persuade someone about the immediate need to do something today, and not wait till tomorrow, because tomorrow isn’t promised. I was given confirmation about my path and mission in a Bible scripture found in Matthew 24:43. The states, “But know this, if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.” We don’t know the day or the hour, and it should be clearly evident that we should be vigilant. Putting off until tomorrow what should be done today may very well leave us dismayed. One of the major things that burglars and thieves are looking for are LCD televisions. I can’t stress this point enough purchasing a LCD television and leaving the box on the curb, is a clear indication of what you have. If you are a new homeowner, this should be the best time of your life, but it is also a time when your guard is down. Criminals cruise the new subdivisions as a lion searching for prey. Even if you don’t have an LCD television you are still at risk. Get a security system, and don’t hide behind the excuse looking for the cheapest price. I have always stressed using a great company, checking the Better Business Bureau ratings, getting references, and looking at the online reputation of the representative as well as the company. This will serve you well, but you need to do these things with a sense of urgency, like cutting on your lights, cable and internet. What’s more important than the safety of your family other than your relationship with God? I can’t think of too many other things.
I realize that this post may be judged by some in a negative light, but its intent is to help those who know that what I am saying is right, and if it helps them to not become a victim, I have done my job. I realize, that in fulfilling my purpose I can not please everyone, but those I do please I will exceed expectations and by changing the course of what happens to one individual or family, I have changed the world for good. If you are in need of a life safety system, contact me at http://whensafetymatters.com or call me at 919-949-9690.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harmlessly Alarmed, Exposing the Weaknesses of Major Security System Installations

The primary reason people install a security in their homes is to protect themselves and their possessions. Often the selection of a company is based on familiarity of name due to slick advertising and low price. Sadly, customers expecting to get good value for the dollar are shocked and angered to discover that most hard-wired systems installed by alarm companies big and small can be defeated in less than 20 seconds by criminals, which exploit a glaring weakness in the alarm system design installation.
The majority of security system packages promoted by mass marketing volume driven companies, offer either two or three contacts and a motion sensor. Hard-wired alarm systems contain a master-control unit that runs the unit. All the devices are connected to the master-control unit through wires. The major protection for this unit is a simple metal can, secured either with a screw or a simple lock. The location of the master-control is usually located I a very obvious place. This device, which is the brain of the security panel, is completely vulnerable, because it is only protected by a lock and at least one door in the home has a delay, to allow the homeowner to enter the home and deactivate the system. The delay is commonly set at 30 seconds or more, which gives even the most novice criminal ample time to kick in the time-delayed door and proceed to the master-control unit. Once the criminal is inside the home they are able to open the box with a flat head screw driver and cut the power, disable the battery back-up and communication of the unit. This can be done in under 20 seconds, and what makes this situation worst, is that many companies program a dialer delay into their units that prevent the alarm system from calling the monitoring station, which dispatches the police, when activated for an additional 30 to 90 seconds. They claim it prevents false alarms.
A simple solution to this problem is to add a contact to the closet door where the master-control is located or install a pressure switch to the back of the master-control unit canister housing that will trigger an instant alarm in the event that it is pried from the wall. For far too long, many in the security industry have profited from doing the least required. This has put the lives of those they serve at risk of becoming victims of what they claim to deter. These companies then insulate themselves in legal agreements which absolve them from litigation from clients that have been victimized due to their negligence.
If you are a North Carolina homeowner concerned about the vulnerability of your security system and would like a free evaluation go to http;//whensafetymatters.com or call (919) 949-9690. Homeowners outside of North Carolina should direct their questions at the contact us form at www.whensafetymatters.com.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Using Security Systems to Detect Water Threats

Anything man made is subject to break, and when a pipe or water heater bursts the damage can run in the thousands to replace. Water damage is one of the main reasons people file claims against their homeowners policies. Now it is possible to integrate a home security system with water detection devices that can detect an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe, a burst water heater or flooding washing machine. Honeywell’s 5821 wireless water detector is the perfect fit to deal with these issues. This small unit can be placed almost anywhere and does not require wiring. The unit is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices. One of the largest concerns people have about wireless devices are how long batteries will last. The batteries in the 5821 wireless water detector will last an amazing ten years. Another attractive feature of his product is the cost, which is highly affordable at around $80 retail per unit. The water probe (470PB) that must accompany it cost around $11 per unit.
The 5821 wireless water detector also monitor cold temperatures, with five temperature setting. Water detection and temperature monitoring can be done simultaneously. This means that the device can be used to monitor a refrigerator or freezer.
With more and more people having concerns about home safety, it only makes sense to maximize what your security system is capable of. Water detection devices provide increased value and are a necessary compliment to the fire detection devices many security systems already employ. For more information on security upgrades and water detection devices go to www.whensafetymatters.com or call (919) 949-9690.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reasons Most Neighborhood Watch Programs Fail

Neighborhood watch programs are a great concept, but in most cases they are ineffective because they are not properly executed. Many if not most, neighborhood watch programs rely on the street signs and window stickers to do the entire job. Street signs and window stickers are a deterrent, but can in no way report suspicious or criminal behavior. Also, when a community only relies on the most basic and simplistic portion of a neighborhood watch program, their complacent attitude shows on the outside, in the form of security breaches, that signal to a prospective crook that no one is really watching. These actions could be leaving a garage door up, or leaving valuables such as lawn equipment or ladders unsecured around the home.

Another reason that neighborhood watch programs fail is due to lack of participation. In order to have an effective neighborhood watch campaign the majority of the community needs to be involved and active. It’s not enough to start a campaign because someone was the victim of a burglary or worst, have a few meetings then not meet until the next criminal act occurs. In order to be effective, the committee must meet at least once a quarter. Have a designated person to send out regular email alerts of criminal activities that the local police are warning people about. Also a twitter account for the community could be set up so that everyone following can get the update at once either online or on their blackberry or cell phone.

Lack of proper training is another major reason neighborhood watch program fail. In order to be effective, the community participants must utilize the skills of a security officer. This means that you need to patrol the neighborhood regularly. When a neighbor is going to be gone on vacation they should tell the neighbor on either side of them and the two neighbors across from them. These four neighbors should walk around the vacationing neighbor’s home at least once a day. Burglars are likely to go to the rear of the home and the damage would not be seen from the street. You can also see if the neighbor may have left a window open. If Fed Ex or UPS leaves left a note on the door of the home, one of the four neighbors watching the home should collect it and give it to the homeowner when they return. This prevents a burglar from knowing that the homeowner is away. The neighbor that is going away should always leave his cell phone number with the people he has entrusted to watch his or her home. If a neighbor assigned to patrol happens to see something out of the ordinary, what should they do? They should observe and report the incident or individual to the local police or sheriff’s department. It is not the job of the neighborhood watch to confront someone or get involved.

Several things that participants in a neighborhood watch program should have with them at all times when they are patrolling. The first is a pen or pencil: the second a small note pad, and third a cell phone. If it is at night, carry a flashlight. The reason these items are a necessity, are so you can write down what you see in detail, when you first see it, and call the authorities.

Making a list of qualified contractors and service people that is distributed throughout the community is also a good way to prevent crooks from posing as workmen infiltrating the neighborhood. If everyone uses one or two qualified contractors to do work, such as painting, repair work, plumbing and lawn work, the community will get to know these individuals and if someone other than them is working on the house while the homeowner is way at work, the neighborhood watch will know to call the homeowner and if necessary the police. This may seem slightly over the top, but it is not because the last known profession of most criminals is in one of the above listed service fields. This is because these trades have low barriers to entry. Mandatory background checks are not required to work in these trades.

Neighborhood watch programs can succeed when there is ample participation, proper training and regular action by those that stand to gain the most. Getting to know your neighbors and caring for them is critical to making the neighborhood watch an important part of people’s lives, so that they become committed to service, not because of obligation, but out of genuine care and love for their fellow man.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Your Utility Shed Could Be a Prime Target For Thieves!

Thieves are always on the prowl and often look for easy marks such as storage sheds and crawl spaces were most homeowners don’t frequent every day. These areas are often scarcely protected, if they are protected at all. However, they store valuable treasures that crooks can easily sell, such as lawn and garden equipment and tools. Several methods of protecting a storage shed are to add reinforced hinges that are either riveted in or anchored with star bolts, and use a high quality lock. The best method of securing a storage shed is to add a wireless security sensor to the door and windows of the structure. In many cases if the home already has a security system a wireless receiver can be added to the existing system so that the wireless unit can communicate with the master control unit. By adding monitored sensors the home alarm will sound when the door is breached, when the system is armed and the police or sheriff deputy will be dispatched. Another method of prevention and apprehension is to install surveillance cameras. This is the most expensive solution, but it works hand in hand with the monitored security system. The cameras can capture the activity that triggered the alarm, making identification and prosecution of the suspect much easier. These tips are especially important if you live in the country, because of the secluded nature of the homes and the delay time it takes for law enforcement to arrive. People that live in town are not immune to having their possessions plundered, because in many cases people work the same shift and people do not know their neighbors. In conclusion, if security is important to you, don’t overlook the shed or the crawl space.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What fire danger lies beneath the surface of your stove?

Just a couple of days ago I experience the thing that I have warned so many others about, a kitchen fire. There was a large serving pan of rice cooking over two eyes, when one ignited. I quickly realized that it was grease fire and I had not replaced the fire extinguisher that had been used about a year earlier to put a grill fire. It is true that the path to destruction is often paved with good intentions. I had thought about replacing the extinguisher numerous times over the past year but had never done so, now the need was there and I had to improvise. I remembered all the things I had written and educated about in seminars and first cut off the power to the stove. I grabbed a large lid and tried to smother the flames; it didn’t work. Still not panicking, I grabbed a box of baking soda which was only half full and used it to put out my kitchen blaze. There are several lessons I learned from this experience. First always be prepared and second what you see on the surface is not where the danger lies.

As a Boy Scout I had learned the saying and the lesson “to always be prepared”, but I had let life get in the way. Like so many others I found myself in a situation where my home was in jeopardy, because of failure to perform a simple task. I knew that a fire doubles in size every 20 seconds and time flies when you are not adequately equipped. The next thing I drew from situation was to always be educated about what to do and have a back-up. Sadly, many people make a bad situation worst due to lack of knowledge. I knew that most fires that originate on the stove are either grease or electrical, which means that they can not be put out with water. Water will only make the fire spread, because grease and water do not mix. Burning grease will float on top of the water and will splash back potentially causing medical injury. Also if the fire is electrical, water conducts electricity and will cause the situation to escalate, not only potentially causing physical harm but death. With proper education, you will stay calm and execute a back-up plan.

I learned early in life that if you don’t first succeed to try again until you do. My first attempt failed, but my second attempt, baking soda, succeeded. No damage, just a little smoke. However, there was still more to be learned. What you see at face value is not where the real danger may lie. I always clean the top of the stove until it shines, but things can drip into the stove eyes and are hidden from view. In order to prevent a future fire I had to raise the stove lid and clean everything that was there as well. Although the top was sparkling it was a greasy mess underneath. If you are like me, you probably haven’t cleaned beneath your lid either. Why would you? Now you know why, because it could cause your stove to catch fire and possibly burn your house down. Another item I’d like to caution people on is not to remove the batteries from your smoke detectors when you have a kitchen incident that sets them off. Why you may ask? You will most likely forget to replace them. As people we are often more concerned about what happens to us now, than we are about what could affect us later due to our cumulative actions of satisfying our immediate wants and desires over planning for potential challenges and life necessities. I went out the very next and purchased that fire extinguisher and got a huge box of baking soda. I hope that I will not have to use either one of them, but it was money well spent. While shopping for the extinguisher I saw a two story rope ladder for under $70 dollars. A great deal, if you don’t want to have to jump from the second story if your stairway was blocked and you had to get out. With this you don’t have to jump and risk injury.

The fire extinguisher only cost only $20.25 with tax and will last for ten years. A rope ladder under $70 dollars and a security system with fire and two-way voice for an initial investment of under $300 to protect a home valued at over $150,000. Protection of my family, priceless!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loose Tweets and Facebook Updates Are An Invitation to Burglarized

You’ve waited nearly eight or nine months to take a special vacation or cruise. Your enthusiasm can barely be contained and you want share your experiences with all your Twitter followers and Facebook buddies, so you fire off a few lines that you will be leaving in twenty-four hours, details to follow. What have you done? You may have let the world, including the criminal element know that your home will be unoccupied, making it more susceptible to be burglarized. You may wonder how this could be. You never gave your address or phone number in a tweet or Facebook update. You did fill in a profile that told people what city you live in, where a somewhat savvy criminal could research the public record and find out your address. Many criminals employ the tactic of looking in the phonebook to see if a person has a listed number. They call the number and if no one answers they assume that the person is not home. They may go to the door and ring the doorbell, if someone comes to the door they concoct a story about looking for someone in the neighborhood or may ask for directions. This is done to deflect suspicion. When a person tweets about their whereabouts they place themselves at risk. If you tweet about a vacation do so after you return. Then you will be safe and the criminals can not gain an advantage. It goes without saying every home should have a monitored home security system, video surveillance cameras or both.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Perry Bigley Home Security Method

I was listening to the word famous sports talk radio host Jim Rome, who is the host of the syndicated show called the Jungle, when he gave his spin on Perry Bigley’s 911 call from his home after it had been robbed. Bigley arrived at his home at around 4am and found his storage door open, and proceeded inside to discover a man going through his DVD collection. Bigley was able to subdue the man without the aid of a gun or weapon, and while holding him down, calmly called 911. There were other burglars in the home that escaped with an estimated $11,000 in electronic equipment including six televisions, a laptop and stereo. What makes the story so interesting is Bigley’s demeanor as he places the call and explains the incident to the 911 dispatch officer and tells the perpetrator to please stop resisting. Bigley’s call got him worldwide recognition on the Jim Rome show and across the internet, but he could have just as easily been injured or killed. Walking into your home when you suspect that it has been burglarized is not advised. Bigley would have been better served to have called 911 from outside the home and alerted the police while observing from a safe distance away. He also could have taken down the description of the get-away vehicle and the license tag number. What would have really been great is if he let the air out of all the tires on the getaway vehicle.
It is not known whether Bigley had a home security system or not, but if he didn’t he sure could have used one. The Bigley method earned him his fifteen minutes of fame, but at an $11,000 cost, which will most likely be covered by his homeowner’s policy. Hopefully, he is big sports fan and a “clone” (follower of the Jim Rome Show) of the Jungle. If not, his fifteen minutes of fame is without significance. If there are others who are looking to follow in Bigley’s path as their own home security system, forget about it. Call a reputable local security company and have a system installed. If you are a North Carolina resident and a Jungle listener go to http://whensafetymatters.com and look under specials for a special offer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Lighting Saves Money and Lives

Green energy efficient products have become the rage of the day. As people and companies become more conscious of being good stewards over life’s resources, the security industry has taken notice, and one of the most immediate and noticeable areas is security lighting platforms. Dark dimly lit areas around a home or building are places that crooks and thugs can lay in wait for unsuspecting people to rob, assault, or rape. Well lit areas are deterrents to criminal activity. Security motion flood lights are effective means of providing the necessary lighting to help deter criminal activity. Solar powered motion lights with LED lenses are a great way to save money on energy and installation of traditional hardwired security motion activated security lights. The solar panels charge the batteries which power the LED bulbs that are activated when motion is detected by the motion detector. Many of these lights have day light sensing mechanisms built in, which turn the lights of during the day allowing the battery to recharge. The lights can also be set to stay on for increments of one to five minutes per motion occurrence. Solar powered motion lighting can be placed in areas where there was no existing light fixture to retrofit. This saves hundreds of dollars in electrical installation costs. The most noticeable cost effective feature of these lights are in there energy efficiency. These lights run on the power of the sun, so they will not run up the electric bill. The LED bulbs have a usage expectancy of between 30,000 to 40,000 hours. Quality solar motion lights range in price from $40-$150 per light. When it comes to safely securing a home or business and green resources are important, solar powered motion detectors are the best way to go.

Monday, July 27, 2009

When burglars arrive with a knock at night

A client of mine came up to me at a meeting on last week, and thanked me for installing a security system in his home. The story he relayed to me sent chills up my spine. He and the members of his family were asleep, when he heard the doorbell ring. It was 2 o’clock in the morning. He thought that it was strange and ignored it. Five minutes later he heard someone kicking or pounding on his back door. He pressed the panic button on his security system and the perpetrator ran off into the night. He was thankful that the police were dispatched and that his family was safe.
We are now discussing surveillance cameras with night vision capability. These cameras are becoming more common place in homes to compliment security systems. The surveillance cameras often come with a DVR that can record the events of numerous cameras at once. They are often IP addressable allowing them to be viewed offsite from a remote location over a high speed internet connection. The best thing about camera systems, such as these, is that they help convict the thugs that commit these acts. Sadly, most people don’t see the need to take this step until something bad happens. The criminals are becoming more brazen and the need for security has never been greater.
It is an honor and privilege to protect my clients from the bad elements of the world. I would love to see a world where my services are not needed, but this will not be the case. I do believe that we can make a difference, not only in providing more security, building more jails, but by building better relationships and working with youth. If we can turn around just one child, other than our own, from falling under negative influences, we may prevent more homes from being burglarized than I will ever sell and install security systems to in a lifetime. However, just like alarm monitoring is an investment, getting involved in the community takes an investment of time and resources. What is given to the good of the community will come back multiplied. I encourage all my readers to get involved, because we can all reach someone. The only way we can fail is to not try.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Might as well jump/ a choice between life and pain

Imagine waking up to the sound of crackling wood. The sharp smell of smoke burns your nostrils and eyes. As your lungs burn from oxygen deprivation your crawl, gasping, toward the window. Your fingers fumble to release the latches. The seconds tick, as sound of yours fears broadcasts in your mind. At last the window is raised. You take in the sweet oxygen supplied by fresh air, and with all the strength you can muster, you scream for help. You don’t care about being cool or how in your moment of panic you’ll be perceived. What you’re wearing doesn’t matter. All that matters is your life and anyone else you dearly love trapped inside. How you wish you had wings that could lift you to safety, but you don’t. If ever you needed the help of God and man, you sure do need it now. You don’t hear the sound of sirens in the distance. What will you do? How will call for help? Even with a home or cell phone you still must dial 911, answer questions and wait. Every question answered takes time, time that allows the fury of the flames to grow. Every twenty seconds its size doubles, consuming more and more. How much time do you have left? To live you may need to take the plunge. Jump to save yourself. Can you in this state of panic and confusion jump, risking the possibility of broken bones or worst to free yourself from being cooked alive or asphyxiating from the nauseous smoke? No one should have to make this choice, but they do. Without proper fire protection, this could be you! These situations are real, and the need for monitored fire protection is paramount. In this situation you’d be lucky to awake, because in many cases the smoke renders the occupants of the home unconscious. They never wake succumb to fire’s deadly wrath.
No one wants this to be them. It’s hard to imagine. Properly protecting your home is paramount to assuring the best odds of escape. First, install a monitored fire system that has photo-electric smoke sensors; these sensors can detect the presence of cold smoke as well as a dramatic rise in heat temperature. Along with a monitored fire system, add two-way voice to the system. A two-way voice system will allow the monitoring call center to hear some trapped inside. When the smoke detectors attached to the security system are triggered, a signal will be sent to the monitoring facility. The monitoring facility representative will dispatch the fire department. The following video shows a true scenario of two brothers trapped inside a burning home. Listen, learn and act. Do not allow the sun to set without performing a fire drill. Purchase a rope ladder and an ABC fire extinguisher. Call a local alarm company and install a monitored fire detection system. North Carolina homeowners looking for a no cost evaluation of their home for fire safety can call 919-949-9690 or go to http://whensafetymatters.com. Imagine the peace of mind you will feel, knowing that you and those you love are sufficiently protected.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top reasons realtors should have existing security systems reviewed

Top realtors are customer conscious first and are concerned for the overall well being of their clients. This single trait builds the trust that helps propel them to elite status. Realtors often overlook the need to counsel prospective homebuyers on the need to have a home with an existing alarm or security system reviewed for a potential upgrade. This is equally as important as changing the locks on the home, which is done to protect the homeowner from being victimized by someone having an extra set of keys that they were unaware of. Similar to a house lock, security systems can have extra security 4-digit codes that were assigned to other people that may not be erased. For this reason alone it is not wise to just activate the alarm system as is.

Another reason realtors should suggest a review of the existing alarm or security system, is that most systems are set up on a one size fits all model. This formula leaves many gaps in protection. Most scenarios that mass marketing companies employ is to provide a few door contacts and a motion detector, which is placed in a trap zone area of the home. A trap zone is an area that the burglar is likely to walk through. However, burglars are aware of this technique used by most big box security companies, and can get around it.

The existing burglar alarm does not take into account the unique needs of the new homeowner. The new homeowner may place a piece of furniture that may obstruct a certain device, and the device may need to be repositioned. The new homeowner may have pets, making it necessary to address the motion sensor if one is present. The previous homeowner may have had a small pet and the pet immunity of the current motion sensor was sufficient, but the new homeowner may have a bigger animal or multiple pets. If this is the case the current set-up will not work.

The new homeowner may use a certain room as home office and additional protection may be necessary to secure that area. The new homeowner may have children and want to provide security protection to a child’s room, especially if the bedroom is on the first floor. Many homeowners may be divorced or separated and are concerned about child abduction, especially if there was violence involved or the divorce or separation was extremely bitter or contentious.

Another reason to review the existing system is that the layout of the existing system was exposed during open house showings of the home, making it vulnerable to potential thieves. This situation is multiplied if the floor plans of the home were placed on the internet, where they could be seen by anyone.
If the home is two-story, it is likely that there is no second story security protection, and if the master bedroom is located on the second level of the home it leaves it vulnerable to a wily crook.

A major reason realtors should suggest the need for a security system review, is fire safety. If the home does not have monitored fire protection the homeowner the homeowner is being deprived of a vital benefit that could protect his or her family. House fires claim the lives of more people in the United States than all other natural disasters combined. Most homes with security systems, even if the have a fire device in the main living area, do not have a heat or smoke detection system in the attic. Without attic protection, the occupants of the home are vulnerable to not being alerted if the home is struck by lightning and the attic catches on fire.

I would encourage all realtors whether in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Goldsboro, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, North Carolina or anywhere throughout the world to have homes they are selling with existing systems reviewed for the benefit of their clients. This will lead to increased trust, increased referrals, and elite status in the industry. Realtors and Homeowners throughout North Carolina can receive a free consultation of an existing alarm system by calling 919-949-9690 and mentioning this article.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Attics, lightning rods of potential fire disaster!

One of the largest threats to your family could be above your head, your attic. Most homes do not have any type of smoke or heat detecting devices in the attic. Attics are the highest point in the home, and lightning usually strikes the highest point. More and more homes have a furnace, water heater, or air handler in the attic. These items run off of electrical current or gas, which makes the situation extremely serious. In addition to these items, people often store unused items such as seasonal clothes, keepsakes, paint cans and other flammable items in the attic. If lightning were to strike and there is no monitored smoke or heat detection system the potential for disaster is greater than a fire in the general living space of the home. This is because smoke rises and will likely not be seen, smelled and detected by the smoke detectors. A fire in the attic has the potential to smolder for a long time before igniting. The fire is electrical and rain from the storm will act as fuel to spread the flames, because water conducts electricity. This is a fact overlooked by many people, when it comes to fire safety in the home.
Another scary thing to consider for protecting your attic is that if the fire ignites above your head at night the items in the attic could fall through the ceiling causing injury or death. The best solution to protect an attic is to install a monitored heat and smoke sensor that is connected to a central alarm station that will dispatch the fire department to the home. A monitored unit such as this will let the monitoring facility know the location of the fire in the home and will eliminate the need to call 911. This saves precious minutes of answering questions, before the fire department is dispatched. Seconds saved save property and lives. A fire doubles in size every 20 seconds and more deaths are attributed to fire than any other natural disaster. Monitored fire units are cost effective as a part of a monitored security system, and will often provide an additional discount on home insurance policies. When a monitored fire detection system is combined with 2-way voice it becomes even more effective. Two-way voice communication allows the alarm monitoring to broadcast to anyone in the home and hear in real time what is occurring. Studies have shown that people respond quicker to hearing their name called than to the sound of a smoke detector or audible siren. The quicker a person escapes a burning home the better. Don’t delay, protect your attic today. For additional information on attic safety and fire safety devices go to http://whensafetymatters.com.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lock Bumping Threat Make Security Systems A Necessity

Lock Bumping isn't just a threat, but a reality that leaves every home protected with just an ordinary lock vulnerable to unforced access and the theft of their hard earned possessions. The mechanics of most locks have been around for centuries. These locks work on a pin and tumbler system. When a criminal uses a key that has been altered so that the valleys have been filed to the shear line, it creates a bump key. The key must match the manufacturer original key blank. These key blanks can not be obtained unless you are a registered locksmith, so criminals will file a key down that matches that particular lock brand. The reason bumping works is due to the mechanics of the lock mechanism. When a key is inserted in a lock, the pins that match the valleys of the key are aligned allowing the lock mechanism to turn. When a bump key is used it is inserted one notch from full insertion and then struck, which forces all the pins to jump slightly and with slight pressure on the key allows the lock to open. Trusting a regular lock is not enough. Some simple solutions are magnetic locks, or locks that work on a disk system. However, the best solution is a monitored security system because it can dispatch the local authorities, even if the door is kicked in.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Distraction Burglary an old crime with new victims

You’re a high school or college student looking to make a few bucks during the summer. The last thing that you are thinking about is getting robbed, and the furthest thing from your mind is being robbed without a gun in a way that makes you look stupid. However, this could become a reality. Distraction burglaries are as old as the hills, but find new and unsuspecting marks everyday. Without knowledge of how these crimes work it is easy to see how they are so effective.

A group of people walk into the store. They could be male or female. If they are female they may be wearing long dresses or over-sized clothing. The males may be wearing baggy attire with large pockets. They may have or use a foreign accent as a disguise; it is not uncommon for distraction burglars to mimic Muslim sects that require women to wear head covering, where only their eyes can be seen. A member of the group will come to the counter and ask for assistance with something that is located at the far end of the store. They will often use the language barrier to attempt to force you to come from behind the counter. The group has already scouted the establishment to make sure that only one or two people are working. The lure to get the clerk away from the counter leaves the cash register and safe exposed. Distraction burglars care about cameras and will attempt to shield themselves from them. As the clerk leaves his post to provide good customer service, a member of the crime group slips behind the counter and opens the safe or takes money from the register. These crimes normally happen during the day. These thieves know that many retail establishments often leave their safes on day lock, which means that it can be easily unlocked and cleared out.

If the clerk attempts to go back to his or her post before the rouse is complete, then another member of the clan will run interference. They will often block the path of the clerk. If the clerk gets hip to the con, the clan will become loud and boisterous. The money will be hidden somewhere in the baggy clothes and they will be long gone before the police can be called. The number one thing that can be done to prevent distraction burglaries is to be observant and cautious when two or more people enter the store at a time. Never leave the safe on day lock where it can be easily opened. Always have someone at the cash register. Have a see through partition built that shields the worker from the case register. The partition if built properly can shield the entire front counter and have a door that auto locks as soon as it closes. This can be done with a magnetic lock and a card reader. Have more than one person working a shift at a time. Hire a security officer to patrol the isles. Use surveillance cameras that are commercial grade, with high resolution so identification of suspects can be made. The greater the level of security the less likely a business is of being a target. The greater the security barriers the higher the risk the criminals take.

Distraction burglaries and organized theft rings such as this cost retailers over 30 billion dollars a year. It is estimated that 1.6 cents of every dollar spent by consumers is to cover losses incurred to the business owner fro these thefts. Sadly, when thieves steal we pay. Higher penalties must be enacted for actions of this sort that will lead to longer and mandatory jail sentences.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Humorous Arrests

A 40 year-old man with tattoos of Christ on left arm and Jesus on the right arm was arrested for assaulting a female. The suspect may have been more influenced by the name of his street than the love of the Lord. He lived on Whippoorwill Street. He allegedly whipped the poor willies and hide of the victim. The police made the arrest on the corner of North Hyde and Holloway Street. The police had no choice but to haul is butt downtown for tanning the victims hide. This is one time that Christ didn't hang on the cross, but landed a right cross and a left upper cut.

On June 13, 2009 a 47 year-old man lived up to his name sake, “Robin”, and was arrested for Breaking and Entering.

On the same day a 43 year-old man with the last name “Hooks” was arrested for shoplifting. “He stopped at the retail establishment to pick up a few items.” The cops hooked and booked him.

A play on words can be funny, but crime is no laughing matter.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Security System Crime Reduction program for Raleigh, Durham, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

If you are looking for the best value in a home security system and you are a homeowner in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Knightdale, Wake Forest, Cary or Rocky Mount, North Carolina you may qualify to participate in a unique crime reduction incentive program. Many manufacturers such as Honeywell and General Electric, in an effort to cut marketing costs are looking for a select number of citizens who are willing to critique their newest advancements in technology for a predetermined time frame. Qualified homeowners will receive over $1,100 in installed Alarm Equipment.

Crime reduction incentive programs such as this help reduce false alarms, aid law enforcement officers in the apprehension of criminals, and build new platforms to assist the elderly, protect pets, and create quicker responses to fire emergencies. The systems will be customized to meet the unique needs of the selected homeowners. To see if you qualify call (919) 949-9690 or go to http://tinyurl.com/njsr3o

With the current state of the economy, one thing is certain, crime continues to rise. Manufacturers who were once willing to pay the high Madison Avenue marketing rates are looking for more cost effective measures that add better value to their client bases. With money harder to come by, customers no longer have to suffer poor service and escalating rate hikes at their expense. It is nice to see programs such as these where clients needs are placed above corporate greed.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rape Prevention Using Security Solutions

Imagine for a moment you’re inside your home going through the daily routine of watching your favorite television program that airs on that particular day. Much like the annoyance of commercial interruption, you are perturbed by a knock on the door. “Who the heck is that,” you sullenly mutter as you rise from the leather recliner. “It’s probably that “Bleeping” security system solicitors again. If I’ve told them once I’ve told them a thousand times, I don’t want a security system.” Just as you open the door prepared to utter your pat and snide, “I’m not interested, “you are bewildered by the sight of a half naked women bruised and bloody, crying uncontrollably on your doorstep. You don’t know what to say. Between her sobs, you come to understand that she has just been raped, and she is your next door neighbor’s daughter!
After getting her some clothes and calling the police, you have time to reflect on your past thoughts and judgments, and come to realize that no one is immune to the bad elements of the world. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) calculation based on 2000 National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, a woman, in America, is raped every two minutes. So during the time the time it takes to read this post, several more lives will be negatively changed forever. The FBI estimates that only 37% of rapes are reported to the police, and the United States Justice Department estimates that only 25% of rapes are reported to the police.
Rape is one of the most deplorable acts committed against another person. It is not a subject that is talked about in polite company. Rape is a subject that people don’t want to think about. However, once a person has become a victim of a rapist, the horrific act is something that they can never forget. The apprehension and conviction of the rapist, doesn’t make the act any less painful. Everyday, criminals are released back into society without having to wear a scarlet letter, orange or striped jumpsuit with the word “inmate” stamped in bold on the front or back. You can’t tell who they are, but they know what they like and it may be your neighbor, daughter, mother or friend. If after being incarcerated for years, without sexual contact with women, it is a delusion of the highest proportion to assume that they will not have any interest in you. Rape is not only committed by ex-cons, but past boyfriends and husbands and other sexually deviants. The violent perpetrator that commits rape can have a normal face that conceals a psychotic mind. A hard topic such as this should only be discussed, but plans put into place to make potential victims less desirable targets.
All women should be cognizant of the fact that they could be a victim. It does not matter if you skinny, short, tall, over weight, long hair, short hair, old, young, black, white, or any color under the rainbow. If you are super model hot, you can be a target. If you are less than desirable, in your own eyes, you can still be a target, and possibly a greater target. This is because the victimizer can sense your lack of self esteem. They will act based off of that perceived weakness. It is their assumption that you will be less likely to tell, and will comply more easily. The model quality women may become a target because the victimizer has always been rejected by women that are highly favored by other men. The rapist wants to assert a form of authority over women in this category to avenge his past rejections. To protect yourself it is wise to implement the following strategies:
• Women should always be aware of there surroundings.
• Park in well lit areas
• If you have had a recent break-up with a boyfriend or husband, that threatens or stalks you, report it to the police.
• Get an escort to your car when possible.
• Change the locks on your home if you gave an ex boyfriend or husband a key.
• Install a monitored home security system with cellular back-up.
• Have a key-chain remote with a panic button so you can send a distress alert if you are accosted outside your home within 150 feet of the residence.
• Make sure that you have motion lighting on the outside of the home.
• When leaving the home make sure to lock all windows.
• When you enter the residence, immediately lock the door behind you and arm the security in the stay mode to prevent a perpetrator from bursting in behind you.
• Purchase pepper spray and keep it on your key ring.
• Take a self defense class
• If you are grabbed in a public place yell “fire” it gets more attention than yelling “help.”
• Purchase a gun
Women should always remember that they are worth respecting. It is also important to remember that there are going to be times when no one else is there to protect you, and your defense will rest on what you know and have put into practice. You don’t need a man to be safe, but you do need to be aware that bad men could catastrophically change your life forever. If your boyfriend or husband does not think you should invest in your safety, he doesn’t think much of you, and that’s a fact! A person may get past a burglary, but rape is something you can not wipe away or forget. Human life is far too precious to naively leave up to chance. You are the only you the world will ever know, and you can not be replaced and should not ever have to face the horror of a crime like rape. Together we can all make a difference, but attitudes need to change and this topic needs to be brought to the forefront and not swept under the rug. It takes great strength to stand up and proclaim to the world that you will not sit idly by and not take sensible actions to protect yourself and the ones you love. However, you know your worth and are willing to stand to inspire others to do the same.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why New Homeowners Should Put Safety First

All too often I have witnessed how people place the need for entertainment above the need for safety and security. There is an old adage that states, “work before pleasure, and first things first.” When a person moves into a new home, no matter what the existing crime level, they are at risk. As a new owner you draw attention to yourself, and observant crooks are able to see what items are being carried into the home. Services such as cable will be turned on, and in many cases cable companies use contractors to install these services. These people may not have had recent criminal background or drug testing checks to prove that they are clean. If by chance they are somewhat unsavory, they have seen what type of televisions, electronic components and the layout of the home.
Another threat that people fail to take into account are the keys. When they take possession of the home, they receive a set of keys from the realtor, and they have no knowledge of how many other sets of keys had been made and given to friends or family members of the previous owner. I recently went to a home to perform a safety analysis for a security system and the homeowner was unable to enter the home because the realtor had given them the wrong set of keys. She called her realtor who then called the listing agent. The listing agent proceeded to call the previous owner who called her sister, who still had a key. It was the sister of the previous owner who arrived and let us in. The homeowner was given that key, but it begs the question as to how many other copies of keys are still out there? If there is the possibility of just one, then the locks need to be changed, and a security system installed. Failing to understand risk doesn’t mean that you are exempt from becoming a victim, it makes you a more likely target. Security begins with attitude. You have to have a conscious awareness that there are threats and that protection is critical and must be placed above entertainment value.
If you have purchased home with an existing alarm system you should have that system reviewed for potential weaknesses before activating. Many alarm companies do not install motion detectors or glass break sensors in critical areas such as master bedrooms or computer rooms that may be vulnerable. Another critical area is the protection of the alarm system’s master control panel. Most security companies do not place a contact on the closet door, set for instant alert, which prevents a burglar from entering through the delay door and prying the master panel from the wall then cutting the wires to disable the alarm system before it can call the monitoring facility and alert the police. Another method of protecting the master control panel is to install a button contact behind the metal control panel that shields the master control unit. This way if the crook attempts to pry the box from the wall the alarm will be instantly triggered and the police notified. It is important to do these things even if you believe that you live in a “good neighborhood.” Crime can happen anywhere. People often selectively forget that criminals can drive to your neighborhood.
As we watch television it should plant a seed in our minds that bad things do happen to good people. The local news is front loaded with issues of crime, traffic wrecks and fire. Not a single person that becomes a victim chronicled on the nightly news ever planned for it to happen. Like most people they always assume that the next victim will be the other guy, and often don’t take measures to protect themselves. Not all things that provide a large rate of return are convenient or fun filled in the beginning, but they pay off in the end. Security can be same way. When a person moves into a new home it is one of the happiest times of their lives. There is the hard work of getting the moving boxes unpacked, blinds hung and furniture organized, but the installation and activation of a monitored security system should be at the top of the to do list along with activating cable, turning on water, electricity and activating a phone. Once you have completed the moving in process, you can activate your alarm system watch a movie and be at peace knowing that you are safe and secure. This truly beats the alternative of waking up to the sound of shattering glass and coming face to face with a prowler, or coming home and finding your new home ransacked and your precious items stolen and possibly lost forever.
Another critical component that most people fail to perform is the in home security drill. What do you do in the event of a security emergency? Where does the family meet. If you heard something in the night, do you have the kids come to mom and dad’s room and you lock the door? You need a plan, because lack of a plan has led to children getting shot, and other injuries occurring that could have been prevented. Performing a security drill is as essential as performing a routine fire drill. One of the best times to perform this drill is when you first move in. It only takes five minutes, and these five minutes could save a life that could be lost and those procrastinated five minutes can never be reclaimed. For more information on life safety or security needs continue to follow http://protectitnow.blogspot.com or call 919-949-9690.:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Honeywell 5870 API Wireless Asset Protector perfect solution to protect X-Box 360, Wii, and Flat Screen Televisions

Honeywell has created another break through in their already high quality alarm devices. On March 26, 2009 the company issued a press release introducing the new 5870 wireless asset protection module. This device protects against larceny and theft of electronics such as flat screen televisions, game systems like the X-box, Wii, and Playstation 3 as well as gun cases, paintings and safes, even when the security system is not armed. The 5870 Asset protector employs an accelerometer that detects movement and can be programmed to call the monitoring facility as well as a security guard, if used in a commercial setting. The 5870 is a fully supervised security device complete with a tamper switch and low battery monitoring. This new device is compatible with the Vista series alarm panels that have a compatible wireless receiver. The 5870 is also compatible with the Lynx-RN and Lynx-P series wireless alarm panels.
According to Honeywell the 5870 API Wireless Asset Protector is the first device they have designed that specifically addresses larceny and adds to the existing level of security that is already in place. I recently spoke to a woman that had a problem with an older child stealing from her. This woman suspected that her child stole $1600. With the purchase of a strong box that is sufficiently locked and the 5870 asset protection device she now has a level of security that previously was unavailable to her. The 5870 is a godsend in the detection of unforced entry burglaries. When combined with camera surveillance the 5870 provides a devastating one-two punch against one of the most difficult crimes to curtail. The 5870 asset protector is reasonably priced at under $100 per unit. Additional information is available at www.security.honeywell.com. North Carolina residents interested in installing an alarm system or upgrading a system that is three or more years old can call 919-949-9690 or go to http://whensafetymatters.com.

Friday, May 29, 2009

45 million dollar scam

I received an email this week from from a Phillip Price claiming he was attempting to settle an estate and needed someone to pose as next of kin for a deceased client. Now as a reputable person you would quickly see that the attempt to defraud someone else ends with you becoming the victim. If you receive this email do not email them your personal information. They will steal your identity. I am including a reprint of the email so you can identify it if it turns up in your inbox. Report This activity to the attorney general's office of your state.

I seek your assistance on a business transaction that will be of mutual benefits.
Please, read below the details of this transaction and what
is required of you to get this transaction started:
Mr. Andrew Parker was my client for over a decade. He died of cardiac
arrest in 2002. He had a deposit in the sum of US$45M with Delta Lloyd
Finance Amsterdam.
The bank contacted me as Mr. Andrew Parker’s attorney to get his next
of kin. I have not been able to get any of his relations. The bank now
has the right to confiscate the funds if I do not produce his next of
kin soonest. This is the reason why I contacted you so you can act as
the next of kin.
If you reply this email by sending me your full name, address, telephone
and fax number, I will prepare and send to you a memorandum of understanding
which will have to be duly signed by both parties (your good self and I) as
an agreement, so as to protect the shares of both parties and to be in order
by laws of your country and the laws of my country.
After the signing of the MOU, I will then email to you the death certificate
of Andrew Parker. I will prepare Andrew Parker’s Will in your name. With the
Will, I will then get the letter of administration from the probate office
thereby making you the next of kin and the bona fide beneficiary of the funds.
I will forward the Will and the letter of administration to the Bank in Europe.
They will then contact you to come to their office to claim the said funds.
When you get to their office in Europe, you sign the funds release documents,
they will then transfer the sum of US$45M into your nominated account.
When the
funds are transferred into your nominated account, I will then travel to meet
with you to share the proceeds. I will take 80% and you will take 20%.
I will exhort you to not only treat this transaction with the gravity it
deserves, but also with urgency. May I reiterate that the importance of the
confidentiality and speed in this transaction cannot be over emphasized.
Hence in bolstering of confidentiality you are advised against discussing with
anyone or your bank the expectation of the funds until I advise you otherwise.
Please treat as urgent.
Send the information ASAP as time is of the essence.

Thank you and God bless.
Philip Price LLB