Friday, May 29, 2009

45 million dollar scam

I received an email this week from from a Phillip Price claiming he was attempting to settle an estate and needed someone to pose as next of kin for a deceased client. Now as a reputable person you would quickly see that the attempt to defraud someone else ends with you becoming the victim. If you receive this email do not email them your personal information. They will steal your identity. I am including a reprint of the email so you can identify it if it turns up in your inbox. Report This activity to the attorney general's office of your state.

I seek your assistance on a business transaction that will be of mutual benefits.
Please, read below the details of this transaction and what
is required of you to get this transaction started:
Mr. Andrew Parker was my client for over a decade. He died of cardiac
arrest in 2002. He had a deposit in the sum of US$45M with Delta Lloyd
Finance Amsterdam.
The bank contacted me as Mr. Andrew Parker’s attorney to get his next
of kin. I have not been able to get any of his relations. The bank now
has the right to confiscate the funds if I do not produce his next of
kin soonest. This is the reason why I contacted you so you can act as
the next of kin.
If you reply this email by sending me your full name, address, telephone
and fax number, I will prepare and send to you a memorandum of understanding
which will have to be duly signed by both parties (your good self and I) as
an agreement, so as to protect the shares of both parties and to be in order
by laws of your country and the laws of my country.
After the signing of the MOU, I will then email to you the death certificate
of Andrew Parker. I will prepare Andrew Parker’s Will in your name. With the
Will, I will then get the letter of administration from the probate office
thereby making you the next of kin and the bona fide beneficiary of the funds.
I will forward the Will and the letter of administration to the Bank in Europe.
They will then contact you to come to their office to claim the said funds.
When you get to their office in Europe, you sign the funds release documents,
they will then transfer the sum of US$45M into your nominated account.
When the
funds are transferred into your nominated account, I will then travel to meet
with you to share the proceeds. I will take 80% and you will take 20%.
I will exhort you to not only treat this transaction with the gravity it
deserves, but also with urgency. May I reiterate that the importance of the
confidentiality and speed in this transaction cannot be over emphasized.
Hence in bolstering of confidentiality you are advised against discussing with
anyone or your bank the expectation of the funds until I advise you otherwise.
Please treat as urgent.
Send the information ASAP as time is of the essence.

Thank you and God bless.
Philip Price LLB

Monday, May 25, 2009

Should your pet go without back up to protect your property from burglars?

A police officer arrives at the scene of the crime and one of the first things he does is phone headquarters and get back up. No police officer, no matter how seasoned, enters a suspected crime scene without his radio and firearm. Even in areas with small populations and little crime, officers always take precautions because they realize that what didn’t happen yesterday could happen today. When it comes to our pets they are often left as the last line of defense against crooks that are void of sensitivity, possibly high on drugs and totally self absorbed. Our domesticated pets are far more than just expendable balls of fur; they are companions with unsurpassed loyalty. They are leaning posts when we are distressed. They are our energetic greeters when we arrive home from a hard day. They are appreciative for the little things we do for them. Our pets don’t care what we look like when we wake up in the morning. Our pets work hard for our approval. It is stated in the Bible that greater love has no man than this that he lay his life down for a friend. Without hesitation our dogs would lay their own lives down to protect our property, but they should not have to. Unlike a chair, electronics and jewels that can be replaced the special bond we make with our dogs can not be. For this very reason many people consider a home security system with two-way voice monitoring and fire protection. These simple but affordable devices protect our precious pets as they so selflessly express their love for us.
No life, no matter how small, should be taken for granted. Every dog, accounted as a friend, is worth the small investment of about a dollar a day to keep crime away. For more information on how to customize a security system to accommodate pets call 919-949-9690.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 R’s of Home Security System Company Excellence

Choosing the best security and alarm company is just as important as choosing the correct doctor, because in both cases human life is being protected. However, in many cases people see home security as only a bargain hunter’s quest for the lowest price. The value of human life can not be quantified, and this should never be forgotten. Things can be replaced but a person never can be. Resorting to the phone book or calling because of the slick television commercial is not proper due diligence. In order to assure that you are getting the best company look for the three R’s, Reputable, Reliable and References.
When searching for a company, people often confuse name recognition with reputation. A catchy jingle, quirky commercial with comedic burglars or even a large concentration of yard signs in a certain area is not enough to conclusively prove a solid business reputation. Reputations are earned over time. Check the local chamber of commerce as well as the better business bureau. Look to see the company rating and the number of customer complaints. Check to see how long the company has been in business and its number of employees. It is also important to check the online reputation of the company as well. Check to see if the company has received any awards, check for customer complaints that may not show up in the better business bureau report. One area many people fail to check is the person representing the company. Do your own due diligence, by looking up that person online. Check their reputation. Check the alarm board of the state to make sure that they are properly credentialed. This is especially important due to loopholes in alarm licensing. Often companies will keep unscrupulous sales representatives around as long as they are producing. The company may have a great reputation, but it may employ an individual that does not have the same great reputation. One major alarm company employed one of the nation’s most notorious serial killers, the BTK killer.
Another critical area to assure the best value is reliability. This area is often overlooked because many companies work very hard to acquire a new customer then are slow about providing adequate service. The best way to discover how well a company operates when it comes to service issues is talk with the service department, as well as with customers that have had service issues. The best way to do this is through the third R, which are references. Customer testimonials are critical because these people aren’t sales people. They are consumers that are currently using the product and are willing to be an advocate for the service. If something is wrong they will tell you. They are the gold fleece and one of the most important elements in assuring that you are getting a good company that will be there for you over time. A good security company referral can also come from a real estate agent, insurance agent or a quality business networking group such as BNI.
Home security is especially important today as criminals are becoming bolder in their actions. The selection of the best company and company personnel can be accomplished using the three R’s of reputation, reliability and references. Care enough about yourself to research these 3 R’s and you will not regret your decision.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Top reasons guns aren’t enough to protect your property

• If you have children a gun can’t be left loaded and unsecured, which means that it is not ready at a moments notice.
• A gun left home could be stolen by burglars and used to commit more crimes.
• If walk into your home and the burglar has your gun it could be used to injure you.
• In a panic because of a bump in the night you may end up shooting the wrong person.
• When you shoot someone you can erase the memory of your action even though it was done to protect your family and yourself.
• A gun can’t alert the police of an unlawful entry.
• Advertising your ownership of a gun is not the same as advertising you have a security system. Guns are an item of value to burglars, security systems are just an obstacle they must overcome.
• If you are on the inside of the home and the perpetrator is on the outside of the home he or she can’t be shot according to law because they don’t pose a direct threat to you. A surveillance camera can take photos and be used to prosecute the criminal.
• A gun isn’t capable of providing information about the suspect’s location like some security systems.
• The noise from an alarm siren can scare off a burglar without damaging anything.

The purpose of this article is not to debate whether or not a person should or should not own a firearm. The owning of a firearm is a constitutional right afforded by the second amendment for all law abiding citizens that are not felons. It is my opinion that owning a firearm for protection does have value, however; the value provided by gun ownership is greatly enhanced with a security system and surveillance cameras. Another valuable feature a security system provides is that it is not necessary to convince a 911 operator of the authenticity of your call. Listen to this 911 audio call and two things are evident; operators should never assume and a security alarm would have probably prevented the distress placed on the victims and the shooting of the suspect. Judge for yourself.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


We have all heard the term gypsy and an image of an old women reading tarot cards or looking into a crystal balls comes to mind. Maybe, your image is of a traveling carnival worker. No matter which image you conjured it is not applicable to the gypsy burglars that have terrorized Floridians are now heading up the east coast. These burglars are referred to as gypsies because of their transient lifestyle. In some cases these pairs were eastern Europeans of Armenian or Romanian descent. They work in a similar fashion to ancient hunters that followed the large caribou herds. The herds these burglars tend to follow are retirees. The gypsy burglars often reside in the Midwest, Southeast or large Northeastern cities like New York City. Traditionally, they followed retirees that migrated to Florida during the winter months, now they have begun to target new retirement areas such as North Carolina. Areas such as the Triangle have become a great place for retirees to live and a fertile ground for gypsy style burglaries.
Gypsy burglars are stealth in their activities and are adept at changing their appearance into something that you are familiar with. In most instances they may come to your door disguised as a cable service repairman, telephone technician, utility meter reader or some type of repair man that needs to come inside for some reason. It appears that a new trade these crooks are impersonating is the locksmith profession. Many people have seen the investigative news piece done by Cullen Browder on WRAL where he exposed a pair of phony locksmiths impersonating legitimate businesses and price gouging customers. These con artists normally work in pairs. They normally work during daylight hours and target single women or seniors. They especially use this ruse on senior women.
Once inside, one of the culprits draws the unsuspecting victim away to observe something they claim is of high importance while the other individual steals small items of value such as jewelry and small electronics such as I-pods or PDAs. These con artists normally drive vehicles with out of state tags. If you have someone approaching you in this manner don’t open the door. Ask for identification and the company phone number. Call the company and verify that they have someone working for them by that name. Also make sure that the company is legitimate. Look up the main number in the phone book. Keep the number to the Better Business Bureau at hand. If you expect something suspicious observe the activity and report it to the police. The most important thing you can do is to not let anyone inside your home that you have not scheduled to come to your home.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Burglars Find Your Hidden Goods

Most people hide money in places that they would least likely look, and that is the problem. In order to defeat a burglar you must know who he is and what he thinks. Often burglars are a part of organized crime, a member of a gang or a drug addict. This gives them a distinct advantage in hiding things or knowing where items are hidden. Drug addicted burglars know how to hide their drugs and if they live with a family member they are skilled at finding were family members hide their valuables from them.
One of the most common places drug addicts hide their drugs is in the bathroom. The toilet tank is a common place where drug addicts hide drugs. When a drug addicted burglar breaks into a home the toilet is one of the first places he will look. Most home owners are shocked that burglars find their hidden stash of cash and believe that it had to be stolen by someone who knew them. Often this is completely untrue.
Another common place that people hide money is the medicine cabinet. Remember a drug addicted burglar will naturally gravitate to the medicine cabinet. The bed is also another area that burglars will look. It is common for people to hide both money and weapons between the mattress and the box spring. Burglars will also check pillows and anything stashed underneath the bed.
It is common for people to hide money at the back of a closet. The homeowner’s logic is that it is a hassle to dig out all the boxes to get to it, so it is unlikely that it will be found. Once again the logic is flawed because the criminal does not have to put back what they tear out. Tearing something apart is always quicker than putting it back together. It is not uncommon for people to stash money in a soup can. A burglar knows that a soup can found in a bedroom will most likely contain money.
One of the cleverest places homeowners give themselves credit for hiding money is in the refrigerator. However, this is one of the first places a drug addicted burglar or organized criminal will look. These criminals know that most drugs will keep longer if they are refrigerated. Homeowners don’t realize this and hide their money in the first place a thief is likely to look.
Another place people hide money is in a flour or sugar tin. Hiding money inside a cereal box is also an easy find for burglars because it is where they hide drugs. When past burglars have been interviewed they will tell people that the best place to hide money is in the bank. Hiding money at home is risky especially if you don not have a security system, safe and surveillance system. Criminals don’t play fair and they don’t respect you or your property. People perish because they underestimate their opponents. Burglars are our opponents and we need to be vigilant educated and ready to protect our homes and families against the wiles of these neighborhood terrorists.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What the bleep? 911 called and nobody came!

Sadly, it is a reality that 911 operators are called every year and in some cases the EMT’s never arrive. Every second is critical when a person has a stroke or a heart attack. There is no room for error but without fail this scenario will play out again. No matter whom the blame is placed on it will never bring back the beautiful human life that was lost. However, there are certain things that could be done to minimize the risk of this happening to you or someone you love. It is important to make sure that your house number is visible from the street. Paint the number in reflective paint at the end of the driveway. Or another simple solution for those with security systems is to add an exterior strobe light that will activate when the alarm is triggered for medical emergency, fire or burglary. If you have a GPS unit, make sure you write down the coordinates of your location and give them to your alarm company o the monitoring company will have them. These coordinates can also be given to a 911 dispatch operator if you do not have a security system. One biggest reason unfortunate things occur is due to procrastination and indifference. If you see something that applies to you and you put if off you most likely will never get to it. Often people falsely believe that these things happen to other people but not to them. No one is so special that something such this could not happen to them if they don’t take some action. You are important so it is necessary to do what is necessary to make sure that you will be around to bless the ones you love the most. Listen to the you tube audio of a tragic 911 call and pass this information on.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beware of dog sign a sure indicator you’re not secure

Every security expert has heard it before, as a deluded soul comes to the door; “Can’t you read this sign of mine?” Beware of dog is what the sign reads. “I have no need for a security system,” is what they say. They hope you’ll leave and be on your way. That simple sign doesn’t fool even the simplest crook, because it’s the oldest trick in the book. Often it has been said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but how would we feel if our friends used us as a human shield. Most people subconsciously know that their pet can only make noise, and that alone is not enough. When we think of our pets it is with a deep sense of love because they quickly become a part of the family. The family pet often lasts longer than many marriages. A dog or cat always seems to love its family without condition. They are willing listeners, happy to see you no matter the day or your mood, but in most cases they’re not trained to defend and apprehend suspects like RIN TIN TIN. We would not trust someone convicted of animal cruelty to watch our pet for a weekend, so how can we expect a burglar with no sense of respect for our possessions or property to respect our beloved pet.
Burglars are not people of high moral character. They are most certainly scum, but are in no ways dumb. They seize the opportunity to prey on weaknesses they are able to perceive. The “beware of dog sign” is an advertisement that access to your personal items is as easy a getting your dog to fetch a simple dog treat. Only dogs that have been trained for police duty will only eat from one person. Most burglars will pick the lock or break the door and the animal will run outside as they slip in. People with children are the least likely to have an aggressive breed dog because the temperament could result in the animal hurting their child.
Clearly, security for your home should include protection for your pet as well. With the installation of a security system your pet can be protected in the event of a fire as well as having the police notified if a burglar should attempt to unlawfully enter your home. When looking to protect your pet, have your veterinarian install a micro chip on your pet in case they become lost or stolen. Due to the value of many dog breeds it is not uncommon to see burglars steal an animal for profit. Sadly, I had it happen to me. I had my beloved beagle stolen from an outside area while I was away. A friend; with a rare breed dog, had a local criminal climb through his kitchen window and steal his prized and loved pet. Needless to say, he was incensed. Fortunately, because he suspected that it was someone local, he offered a large reward to the children in the area and the dog was returned. Having stolen pet is one of the worst feelings you can imagine. So let’s change our perspective and hang a sign that says burglars beware because it should be understood that security comes first in his neighborhood

Monday, May 4, 2009

Burglary for jewels equals cash for gold

Criminals are aware that fencing stolen items at pawn shops is not a viable option. Local pawn shops are frequented by local law enforcement officers looking for stolen items. The pawn shops require personal identification and most pawn shops are equipped with CCTV systems that record all people making transactions in the store. In order for criminals to get cash for stolen jewelry many criminals have resorted to cash for gold sites that do not require personal identification. Most people have seen these commercials run late at night or during the early morning hours. They pitch the ease of sending broken and unwanted gold jewelry to them or much needed cash to pay bills, go shopping, or take a vacation. These companies pay a small fraction of the actual value of these items. This obviously doesn’t matter to criminals that will sell stolen items for pennies on the dollar because of the low risk of capture.
When it comes to protecting your jewelry install a security system and a safe. Make sure he safe is bolted to the floor studs, so it can not be quickly pulled up and carried out. Criminals are incredibly perceptive when it comes to human activity. This is not because of astute observation skills but because most people are habitual in nature. The primary place most people keep jewelry is in their bedrooms. This is where most security systems fail because there are no security devices in that area. The best thing people can do is move their jewelry to other areas or install security items in the bedroom areas of the home.
If you are looking to sell your jewelry for cash get a jewelry appraisal from a reputable gemologist so that you will know the true value. This way you can sell your items from a position of strength. Utilize companies that have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau and if possible use local companies.