Friday, June 19, 2009

Distraction Burglary an old crime with new victims

You’re a high school or college student looking to make a few bucks during the summer. The last thing that you are thinking about is getting robbed, and the furthest thing from your mind is being robbed without a gun in a way that makes you look stupid. However, this could become a reality. Distraction burglaries are as old as the hills, but find new and unsuspecting marks everyday. Without knowledge of how these crimes work it is easy to see how they are so effective.

A group of people walk into the store. They could be male or female. If they are female they may be wearing long dresses or over-sized clothing. The males may be wearing baggy attire with large pockets. They may have or use a foreign accent as a disguise; it is not uncommon for distraction burglars to mimic Muslim sects that require women to wear head covering, where only their eyes can be seen. A member of the group will come to the counter and ask for assistance with something that is located at the far end of the store. They will often use the language barrier to attempt to force you to come from behind the counter. The group has already scouted the establishment to make sure that only one or two people are working. The lure to get the clerk away from the counter leaves the cash register and safe exposed. Distraction burglars care about cameras and will attempt to shield themselves from them. As the clerk leaves his post to provide good customer service, a member of the crime group slips behind the counter and opens the safe or takes money from the register. These crimes normally happen during the day. These thieves know that many retail establishments often leave their safes on day lock, which means that it can be easily unlocked and cleared out.

If the clerk attempts to go back to his or her post before the rouse is complete, then another member of the clan will run interference. They will often block the path of the clerk. If the clerk gets hip to the con, the clan will become loud and boisterous. The money will be hidden somewhere in the baggy clothes and they will be long gone before the police can be called. The number one thing that can be done to prevent distraction burglaries is to be observant and cautious when two or more people enter the store at a time. Never leave the safe on day lock where it can be easily opened. Always have someone at the cash register. Have a see through partition built that shields the worker from the case register. The partition if built properly can shield the entire front counter and have a door that auto locks as soon as it closes. This can be done with a magnetic lock and a card reader. Have more than one person working a shift at a time. Hire a security officer to patrol the isles. Use surveillance cameras that are commercial grade, with high resolution so identification of suspects can be made. The greater the level of security the less likely a business is of being a target. The greater the security barriers the higher the risk the criminals take.

Distraction burglaries and organized theft rings such as this cost retailers over 30 billion dollars a year. It is estimated that 1.6 cents of every dollar spent by consumers is to cover losses incurred to the business owner fro these thefts. Sadly, when thieves steal we pay. Higher penalties must be enacted for actions of this sort that will lead to longer and mandatory jail sentences.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Humorous Arrests

A 40 year-old man with tattoos of Christ on left arm and Jesus on the right arm was arrested for assaulting a female. The suspect may have been more influenced by the name of his street than the love of the Lord. He lived on Whippoorwill Street. He allegedly whipped the poor willies and hide of the victim. The police made the arrest on the corner of North Hyde and Holloway Street. The police had no choice but to haul is butt downtown for tanning the victims hide. This is one time that Christ didn't hang on the cross, but landed a right cross and a left upper cut.

On June 13, 2009 a 47 year-old man lived up to his name sake, “Robin”, and was arrested for Breaking and Entering.

On the same day a 43 year-old man with the last name “Hooks” was arrested for shoplifting. “He stopped at the retail establishment to pick up a few items.” The cops hooked and booked him.

A play on words can be funny, but crime is no laughing matter.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Security System Crime Reduction program for Raleigh, Durham, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

If you are looking for the best value in a home security system and you are a homeowner in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Knightdale, Wake Forest, Cary or Rocky Mount, North Carolina you may qualify to participate in a unique crime reduction incentive program. Many manufacturers such as Honeywell and General Electric, in an effort to cut marketing costs are looking for a select number of citizens who are willing to critique their newest advancements in technology for a predetermined time frame. Qualified homeowners will receive over $1,100 in installed Alarm Equipment.

Crime reduction incentive programs such as this help reduce false alarms, aid law enforcement officers in the apprehension of criminals, and build new platforms to assist the elderly, protect pets, and create quicker responses to fire emergencies. The systems will be customized to meet the unique needs of the selected homeowners. To see if you qualify call (919) 949-9690 or go to

With the current state of the economy, one thing is certain, crime continues to rise. Manufacturers who were once willing to pay the high Madison Avenue marketing rates are looking for more cost effective measures that add better value to their client bases. With money harder to come by, customers no longer have to suffer poor service and escalating rate hikes at their expense. It is nice to see programs such as these where clients needs are placed above corporate greed.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rape Prevention Using Security Solutions

Imagine for a moment you’re inside your home going through the daily routine of watching your favorite television program that airs on that particular day. Much like the annoyance of commercial interruption, you are perturbed by a knock on the door. “Who the heck is that,” you sullenly mutter as you rise from the leather recliner. “It’s probably that “Bleeping” security system solicitors again. If I’ve told them once I’ve told them a thousand times, I don’t want a security system.” Just as you open the door prepared to utter your pat and snide, “I’m not interested, “you are bewildered by the sight of a half naked women bruised and bloody, crying uncontrollably on your doorstep. You don’t know what to say. Between her sobs, you come to understand that she has just been raped, and she is your next door neighbor’s daughter!
After getting her some clothes and calling the police, you have time to reflect on your past thoughts and judgments, and come to realize that no one is immune to the bad elements of the world. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) calculation based on 2000 National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, a woman, in America, is raped every two minutes. So during the time the time it takes to read this post, several more lives will be negatively changed forever. The FBI estimates that only 37% of rapes are reported to the police, and the United States Justice Department estimates that only 25% of rapes are reported to the police.
Rape is one of the most deplorable acts committed against another person. It is not a subject that is talked about in polite company. Rape is a subject that people don’t want to think about. However, once a person has become a victim of a rapist, the horrific act is something that they can never forget. The apprehension and conviction of the rapist, doesn’t make the act any less painful. Everyday, criminals are released back into society without having to wear a scarlet letter, orange or striped jumpsuit with the word “inmate” stamped in bold on the front or back. You can’t tell who they are, but they know what they like and it may be your neighbor, daughter, mother or friend. If after being incarcerated for years, without sexual contact with women, it is a delusion of the highest proportion to assume that they will not have any interest in you. Rape is not only committed by ex-cons, but past boyfriends and husbands and other sexually deviants. The violent perpetrator that commits rape can have a normal face that conceals a psychotic mind. A hard topic such as this should only be discussed, but plans put into place to make potential victims less desirable targets.
All women should be cognizant of the fact that they could be a victim. It does not matter if you skinny, short, tall, over weight, long hair, short hair, old, young, black, white, or any color under the rainbow. If you are super model hot, you can be a target. If you are less than desirable, in your own eyes, you can still be a target, and possibly a greater target. This is because the victimizer can sense your lack of self esteem. They will act based off of that perceived weakness. It is their assumption that you will be less likely to tell, and will comply more easily. The model quality women may become a target because the victimizer has always been rejected by women that are highly favored by other men. The rapist wants to assert a form of authority over women in this category to avenge his past rejections. To protect yourself it is wise to implement the following strategies:
• Women should always be aware of there surroundings.
• Park in well lit areas
• If you have had a recent break-up with a boyfriend or husband, that threatens or stalks you, report it to the police.
• Get an escort to your car when possible.
• Change the locks on your home if you gave an ex boyfriend or husband a key.
• Install a monitored home security system with cellular back-up.
• Have a key-chain remote with a panic button so you can send a distress alert if you are accosted outside your home within 150 feet of the residence.
• Make sure that you have motion lighting on the outside of the home.
• When leaving the home make sure to lock all windows.
• When you enter the residence, immediately lock the door behind you and arm the security in the stay mode to prevent a perpetrator from bursting in behind you.
• Purchase pepper spray and keep it on your key ring.
• Take a self defense class
• If you are grabbed in a public place yell “fire” it gets more attention than yelling “help.”
• Purchase a gun
Women should always remember that they are worth respecting. It is also important to remember that there are going to be times when no one else is there to protect you, and your defense will rest on what you know and have put into practice. You don’t need a man to be safe, but you do need to be aware that bad men could catastrophically change your life forever. If your boyfriend or husband does not think you should invest in your safety, he doesn’t think much of you, and that’s a fact! A person may get past a burglary, but rape is something you can not wipe away or forget. Human life is far too precious to naively leave up to chance. You are the only you the world will ever know, and you can not be replaced and should not ever have to face the horror of a crime like rape. Together we can all make a difference, but attitudes need to change and this topic needs to be brought to the forefront and not swept under the rug. It takes great strength to stand up and proclaim to the world that you will not sit idly by and not take sensible actions to protect yourself and the ones you love. However, you know your worth and are willing to stand to inspire others to do the same.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why New Homeowners Should Put Safety First

All too often I have witnessed how people place the need for entertainment above the need for safety and security. There is an old adage that states, “work before pleasure, and first things first.” When a person moves into a new home, no matter what the existing crime level, they are at risk. As a new owner you draw attention to yourself, and observant crooks are able to see what items are being carried into the home. Services such as cable will be turned on, and in many cases cable companies use contractors to install these services. These people may not have had recent criminal background or drug testing checks to prove that they are clean. If by chance they are somewhat unsavory, they have seen what type of televisions, electronic components and the layout of the home.
Another threat that people fail to take into account are the keys. When they take possession of the home, they receive a set of keys from the realtor, and they have no knowledge of how many other sets of keys had been made and given to friends or family members of the previous owner. I recently went to a home to perform a safety analysis for a security system and the homeowner was unable to enter the home because the realtor had given them the wrong set of keys. She called her realtor who then called the listing agent. The listing agent proceeded to call the previous owner who called her sister, who still had a key. It was the sister of the previous owner who arrived and let us in. The homeowner was given that key, but it begs the question as to how many other copies of keys are still out there? If there is the possibility of just one, then the locks need to be changed, and a security system installed. Failing to understand risk doesn’t mean that you are exempt from becoming a victim, it makes you a more likely target. Security begins with attitude. You have to have a conscious awareness that there are threats and that protection is critical and must be placed above entertainment value.
If you have purchased home with an existing alarm system you should have that system reviewed for potential weaknesses before activating. Many alarm companies do not install motion detectors or glass break sensors in critical areas such as master bedrooms or computer rooms that may be vulnerable. Another critical area is the protection of the alarm system’s master control panel. Most security companies do not place a contact on the closet door, set for instant alert, which prevents a burglar from entering through the delay door and prying the master panel from the wall then cutting the wires to disable the alarm system before it can call the monitoring facility and alert the police. Another method of protecting the master control panel is to install a button contact behind the metal control panel that shields the master control unit. This way if the crook attempts to pry the box from the wall the alarm will be instantly triggered and the police notified. It is important to do these things even if you believe that you live in a “good neighborhood.” Crime can happen anywhere. People often selectively forget that criminals can drive to your neighborhood.
As we watch television it should plant a seed in our minds that bad things do happen to good people. The local news is front loaded with issues of crime, traffic wrecks and fire. Not a single person that becomes a victim chronicled on the nightly news ever planned for it to happen. Like most people they always assume that the next victim will be the other guy, and often don’t take measures to protect themselves. Not all things that provide a large rate of return are convenient or fun filled in the beginning, but they pay off in the end. Security can be same way. When a person moves into a new home it is one of the happiest times of their lives. There is the hard work of getting the moving boxes unpacked, blinds hung and furniture organized, but the installation and activation of a monitored security system should be at the top of the to do list along with activating cable, turning on water, electricity and activating a phone. Once you have completed the moving in process, you can activate your alarm system watch a movie and be at peace knowing that you are safe and secure. This truly beats the alternative of waking up to the sound of shattering glass and coming face to face with a prowler, or coming home and finding your new home ransacked and your precious items stolen and possibly lost forever.
Another critical component that most people fail to perform is the in home security drill. What do you do in the event of a security emergency? Where does the family meet. If you heard something in the night, do you have the kids come to mom and dad’s room and you lock the door? You need a plan, because lack of a plan has led to children getting shot, and other injuries occurring that could have been prevented. Performing a security drill is as essential as performing a routine fire drill. One of the best times to perform this drill is when you first move in. It only takes five minutes, and these five minutes could save a life that could be lost and those procrastinated five minutes can never be reclaimed. For more information on life safety or security needs continue to follow or call 919-949-9690.:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Honeywell 5870 API Wireless Asset Protector perfect solution to protect X-Box 360, Wii, and Flat Screen Televisions

Honeywell has created another break through in their already high quality alarm devices. On March 26, 2009 the company issued a press release introducing the new 5870 wireless asset protection module. This device protects against larceny and theft of electronics such as flat screen televisions, game systems like the X-box, Wii, and Playstation 3 as well as gun cases, paintings and safes, even when the security system is not armed. The 5870 Asset protector employs an accelerometer that detects movement and can be programmed to call the monitoring facility as well as a security guard, if used in a commercial setting. The 5870 is a fully supervised security device complete with a tamper switch and low battery monitoring. This new device is compatible with the Vista series alarm panels that have a compatible wireless receiver. The 5870 is also compatible with the Lynx-RN and Lynx-P series wireless alarm panels.
According to Honeywell the 5870 API Wireless Asset Protector is the first device they have designed that specifically addresses larceny and adds to the existing level of security that is already in place. I recently spoke to a woman that had a problem with an older child stealing from her. This woman suspected that her child stole $1600. With the purchase of a strong box that is sufficiently locked and the 5870 asset protection device she now has a level of security that previously was unavailable to her. The 5870 is a godsend in the detection of unforced entry burglaries. When combined with camera surveillance the 5870 provides a devastating one-two punch against one of the most difficult crimes to curtail. The 5870 asset protector is reasonably priced at under $100 per unit. Additional information is available at North Carolina residents interested in installing an alarm system or upgrading a system that is three or more years old can call 919-949-9690 or go to