Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 5 Reasons To Get a Security System For Christmas

The Christmas holiday season is anticipated and waited on not only by children and adults who are looking to spend time with family, exchange presents, eat delicious food, but by criminals who seize the opportunity to the play the Grinch.  It is for this reason that I will reveal the Top 5 reasons to get a security system for Christmas.

  • Property crime tends to escalate between Thanksgiving and New Year.  Criminals realize that many homes will be unoccupied while people shop and travel and attend holiday gatherings.  As the old saying goes, "when the cat is away the mice will play."  A home with a monitored security system is 3 times less likely to be burglarized.

  • Fires also occur at a higher rate during the holiday season.  With Christams trees, lighting, fireplaces and exterior decorations plugged into outlets, and cooking of holiday meals the conditions for a fire emergency increase dramatically during the holidays.  A monitored fire system can quickly detect the danger and dispatch the fire department averting the tragedy that could befall you and the ones you love.

  • Medical emergencies also increase during the holidays.  EMS is often the busiest during the holidays.  Heart attacks are generally at their highest during the holiday season as people consume high fat, high sugar, and cholesteral filled dishes that clog arteries.  Having a security system with a medical alert button can assure that help will be on the way.

  • You may qualify for a homeowners insurance discount up to 20% off your existing rate.

  • You don't have to wait to put it on your New Years Resolution List .  By installing prior to the end of the year you can take advantage of great year end deals such as the Safe Haven Security-One Call Secures It All Special that includes a keypad, smoke detector, motion detector, glass-break detection, siren, mastercontrol panel, door sensors, cellular device and mobile app arming and disarming from a smartphone or computer for $99.   For additional details call (919) 228-8361

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